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Kobea specializes in high-quality used and new Homogenizers. We supply the best machines in the field of homogenization. Brands we work with are  Tetra Pak, GEA Niro Soavi and Bertoli Homogenizers.


With the category Homogenization we cover equipment that is generally used within the dairy, food, juice & beverage industry to homogenize base materials with levels of fat content such as dairy cream and vegetable oils. Through the application of homogenizations, we apply high level of pressure during the flow of the material causing the fat content (fat globules) to be dispersed and disrupted from its natural form, creating smaller particles.

As a result, the base material gains a higher level of stability, preventing future separation of the fat content through gravity separation. The product retains is final consistency. Due to the consistency of fat, homogenisation is most effective when done so at higher temperature, hence the general operating temperature tends to be between 55°C – 80°C. The pressure is being generated by a positive pump pushing the base material through a narrow opening called a stage, which is fitted with either a ball or mushroom shaped valve, causing the structure of the fat globules to be disrupted.

The number of stages fitted to a homogeniser may vary between a single stage and two stages. Single stage machines are mainly used with high viscose products where the level of pressure applied can be lower ranging from 50 – 160 Bar, whereas low viscus products would be operating on a two-stage homogeniser and with pressures operating from 160 – 400 Bar and higher.

All of the above described solutions are manufactured by well-known companies such as: APV Gaulin, Tetra Pak, GEA, Niro Soavi, APV Rannie, Bertoli, BOS Homogenisers, SPX Flow and more.